48 East: Unmistakably Asian

Asian food is incredibly creative in the most odd way. Not just limited to Indo Chinese or a Thai curry, it is widely categorized to Japanese, Chinese, Thai and wholesome flavors of middle East. Often Asian food is considered as a luxury food.

Having said that, Asian cuisine as delivery in Bangalore is pretty skimpy of choices. That is when 48 east will stand out as an option to you. This might not be a very popular name but trust me, it is definitely going to stay. The name 48 east is aimed to cover 48 countries of Asia to bring the flavors and ethnicity of the cuisine. They offer Asian gourmet food at your doorstep. They have a variety of options both veg and non-veg and as per my experience they surely did justice to the exotic and intricate flavors of Asia.

To start with, you just have to open their website or you can order from zomato. They also have an app to order the food. Currently serving across 7 locations, their website is user friendly and you can choose from the array of dishes.

48 East: https://www.fortyeighteast.com/

I got a tasting invite for this delivery outlet and it was a wonderful culinary experience for me. They spoiled me for choices. Have a look at the dishes and yes the food was as good as it looked.



Indonesian Chicken Satay: 4 in number, the skewered chicken was marinated very nicely. It was accompanied by tangy salad and pineapple chunks. The sweet balance was maintained and well, the start was perfect.

Indonesian Chicken Satay


BBQ Chicken Bao: They were lovely stuffed buns with a kind of sweet taste. Traditional steamed Cantonese bao buns were stuffed with barbecued chicken stuffing. It was delightful.

BBQ Chicken Bao


Chicken Coriander Noodle Soup:  Minced chicken pieces in a soupy bowl with a hint of coriander with eggs and noodles, this soup was fragrant, rich and mildly spicy.

Chicken Coriander Noodle Soup


Bulgogi Chicken Salad:  This one was healthy as it was protein packed. Korean grilled chicken with pok choy, peppers, lettuce and quinoa. Honey lime dressing worked for it and it was one of the best salads which I had in recent times.

Bulgogi Chicken Salad


Kung Pao Fish Steak with Cilantro Pesto Noodles: Being a fish lover, this item was really enjoyable. The fish pieces in it had a salty taste and the combination was great. The dish looked vibrant and was flavorsome.

Kung Pao Fish Steak with Cilantro Pesto Noodles


Nasi Bukhari: It is the kind of chicken biryani in which rice is cooked in a coconut curry. The toppings had half boiled egg and the chicken piece over it added to the presentation. The aroma was great and the taste was exquisite.

Nasi Bukhari


Pok Choy Mushroom with Moon Faan Rice: Pieces of mushroom with the rice and had some kind of veggies. This dish could have been better.

Pok Choy Mushroom with Moon Faan Rice


Chocolate Sesame Spring Roll: This dessert was one of its kind. Spring rolls dipped in chocolate and filled with whipped cream, they had a layer of sesame seeds which is something innovative. It was crunchy and a treat to taste buds.

Chocolate Sesame Spring Roll


Malpua Elaichi: Now malpuas are something which I often crave for. These malpuas were infused with cardamom. Delight to the sweet tooth.

Malpua Elaichi


48 East was founded in August 2016 by Joseph Cherian and Nabhojit Ghosh and in a very less time they are moving on to claim the fame they deserve. The packaging was done very neatly and the white bowls can be reused. They made sure that the food was not spilled. The prices are reasonable, the dishes flavorsome and delivery prompt, they are the solution to our Asian hunger problem. Stuffing ourselves up with food that was rich in taste, we had a perfect finish to the night.

 48 East Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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