Whatever invisible forces are guiding the culinary evolution of Kalyan Nagar, one thing is certain: The roadways tend to attract passionate people who tend to do something different from what is generally offered. Case on point: Currylicious.


Having said that, let me describe the concept of Currylicious.It is not limited to a particular cuisine and also not being in the rat race for multi cuisine. Instead, it aims at providing the food from 4 different parts of the India: Mangalore, Chettinad, Kerela and Goa. We will find a map pointing to the places and their respective specialty: Mangalorean Ghassi curry, Chettinad Curry, Allepey Raw Mango curry and Goan curry. Serving the best of coastal cuisines.

They have currently 2 outlets and planning to open a 3rd one as well. The place is not huge and in Kalyan Nagar it replaced California Burrito. It has dining options for about 15-20 people at once and the place is covered with black and white comic kind of strips describing food. Interiors are done really well and they bring in the significance of their conceptualization.

Veg Thali

We tried both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Welcomed by lemon drink, we moved to starters.

Nimbu Pani

Vazhaipoo cutlet and Fish cutlet were served. Vazhaipoo cutlet was banana flower cutlet and was kind of spicy. Fish cutlet was surely for the fish lover in us and it was really good.

Vazhaipoo Cutlet
Fish cutlet

Mushroom & Baby Corn Pepper Fry: Mushrooms and baby corn tossed in a lightly spiced pepper masala.

Mushroom & Baby Corn Pepper Fry

And similarly for non veg, we had prawns pepper fry which were more or less in the same kind of masala. Yummy!

Prawns Pepper Fry

Mangalorean Bhindi Ghassi: In the coconut gravy, the bhindi pieces were dipped. It was kind of an okay dish.

Mangalorean Bhindi Ghassi

Chicken Stew: Kerela style chicken cooked in the coconut curry. Not a fan of stew, so couldn’t relish it but it looked good.

Chicken Stew with Neer Dosa

Allepey Raw Mango Fish Curry: Light aromatic fish curry stewed in raw mango infused coconut curry. This curry was mildly spicy and it had pieces of raw mango floating in. Served best with neer dosa.

Allepey Raw Mango Fish Curry

Mangalorean Chicken Ghassi: The chicken pieces in the coastal kind of curry which was moderately spicy and had a delightful taste.

Mangalorean Chicken Ghassi

The curries were to be eaten with kind of accompaniments like Sannas, Malabar Paratha, Neer Dosa and Appam. Sannas and Malabar paratha stole the show. I ended up eating extra with such kind of softness and crispiness.

Veg Thalassery Biryani was mildly spicy and fragrant.

Veg Thalassery Biryani

The desserts section consisted of Pal  Payassam and Gulab Jamun. Pal Payassam is a classic Kerea dessert. It was delicious indeed.

Pal Payasam

Now coming to Gulab jamun, they were soft, spongy and melt in the mouth. I loved them 🙂

Gulab Jamun

At the end of the meal we were completely satiated. The warm and cozy atmosphere added to the deliciousness of the food. They provide the taste that could be relished and the service, very friendly. A good concept and perhaps a good start, hope to see more of their outlets. Bon appetit!

Currylicious Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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