Think Palm Oil

We live in a world where daily we are fed with some information. Some of them gets scribed into the mind without even checking the origin. Pure fiction is masqueraded as a truth and we believe it! One such myth that I recently came across was regarding Palm Oil. A very popular instance was when Leonardo Dicaprio gave speech on global warming and mentioned the invasive and destructive practices of palm Oil industry. But one thing that he was kind enough to mention was Indonesian Palm Oil industry.


Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) organized a bloggers meet in Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore to spread awareness regarding the use of Palm Oil. How we feel about it and how it is actually. Palm Oil is a unique crop as its fruit produces two distinct types of oils: Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil.



Applications of Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil:

These two oils are used in a variety of products today and knowingly or unknowingly we use palm oils daily in our life. Some of its applications are: Margarine, Vegetable Ghee (Vanaspati), Shortening, Soap Noodles, Personal care products, Chocolate based products and so on.


Also, the palm oil is extensively used in frying. The following products have found applications in frying:

a) Refined Palm Oil

b) Refined Standard Palm Olein

c) Refined double fractionated Palm Olein

d) Refined Palm Stearin

e) Red Palm Oil or Olein

According to stats collected over the years, the palm oil meets the performance requirements all over the world in terms of frying as wells as the overall economy in the production line.


MPOC is completing its 100 years next year and Malaysia itself is the biggest Palm Oil company in the world. It has 80% green tea cover, largest carbon sinks in the world and is a substantial part of the Global economy.



These were the facts we got to know about in the meet from their very own experts. A lot of cross questioning happened and yes we were amazed to see these much benefits of palm oil. Now its up to you how you wanna see it. To know more, refer to following links:

Website of MPOC:

So a well spent day along with few bloggers and a very informative session concluded with the delicious lunch. The glimpse of the food 🙂


A mandatory selfie after the meet 😉



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