When food is very simple, it has to be very well executed, which is only one reason why this startup Box 8 is such a treat. Anyway I had became a big fan of staple meals of Box 8 but it got enhanced when I received the invite to try their dishes as I took a step more..:)  I will soon come to the dishes but let me first describe what is Box 8.
Box 8 was founded by IIT graduates Anshul & Amit and it has surely revolutionized the way Indian food is consumed.It has only delivery options and comes to the rescue when you are tired of cooking or you want to have the food in your pyjamas.They provide All-in-One meal box, which is a full-on meal for full-on hunger. Their salads are a mix of contemporary western and classic Indian flavors. And their biryanis and curries just the right amount of spicy.
Coming to the user interface, they have an extremely easy to use website and app through which we can order stuff. The website and app is colorful and user friendly.
You have to just select and add items to the cart and it will be delivered in the right amount of time. They always have running offers like 20% off which are such a delight.
Now let’s come to the packaging. I totally love their packaging. It is very neat and tidy. The food is not spilled and their boxes are very colorful. You will surely fall in love with the creativity.

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The dishes we ordered were:
Farmer’s Market Salad: Loaded with lots of veggies and dips, my friends cherished it and so did I.
Chef’s Special Paneer Wrap: This wrap was made of whole wheat and instead of using the typical roll like dough, the roll was kind of crispy and it had paneer and veggies stuffed in the right amount.
Chicken Mayo Wrap: Again, this was prepared from whole wheat and chicken was fresh and spicy.
Dal Makhni Curry: The black lentils were executed well but this dish could have been better as it missed the authentic taste of dal makhani.
Then we had meals both veg and non veg. The meals had 2 parathas which were kind of lacchha paranthas. The gravy was bhuna kebab as non veg and exotic mushroom curry for veg. We could also customize the meal as one accompanying dish as pindi chole or dal makhani. The dessert in the meal was gulab jamun. They were in 5-6 quantity and yummy..:)
Shahi Paneer Biryani: It was more like their box meals mixed with shahi paneer gravy.
Masala Lemonade: This drink was very refreshing. Extra points to its bottle.
Also, choco lava cake which was delightful.
I still haven’t gotten to the best part.Now imagine what happens when you are alone and you have nobody to share your food with, it would become difficult to order a la carte and the perfect solution Box8 came up is their Staple Box Meals. These are the mixture of rice and curry with salad. Priced at 100-140 they are extremely satiating.

I completely agree with their tagline: Right Ingredients make Better food. The idea of the startup is completely impressive, food is delectable and delivery timings perfect. They have all you need. Do try them if you haven’t yet. Time to devour!

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