There is no shortage of microbreweries in Bangalore . That being said, with so many options to “salivate” over, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there. One such place is Big Pitcher, located on Old airport road, this place is not hard to find as it stands tall, right next to Leela Palace.Spread over six floors and all the floors boasts of one or the other unique thing.  The place is massive and the biggest micro-brewery in town.

I was invited for a food tasting session with few other bloggers for its new restaurant at second floor – Splitwood. The tagline for this is East on Food, West on Mood. Well, this totally goes with the ambiance and food. The interiors have a woody theme. Decorations are one wall you will find umbrellas and guns as their decor. There is a LCD screen for telecasting the matches. Lovely music complimented the place..:)


We started with the drinks, firstly I will describe cocktails and mocktails, then I will move to my favorite section, brewed beer. A variety of drinks were served, but there were some that grabbed our attention. Kiss on the lips, Son of a beach and High Seas Adventure ; all 3 of them had the main content as vodka and each one was processed differently. Enough to make you tipsy, High Seas Adventure was an instant hit among the group. Cosmopolitan was also kind of refreshing.

Next I had Italian Soda and it was too refreshing. I absolutely loved it.


Then came the beer part. There were six types of beer which we tasted.The beers were the right amount of fizzy and tasted incredibly fresh. They were worth crushing on!

The names were so funky and each had a unique flavor. Hop Witch, Adjust Maadi, Czech that Pilsner, King Slayer, Sarava and their Special beer.

Adjust maadi was best in the lot. It is brewed by Big Pitcher as a Pale Ale and is more of a like American Style Beer.


The feast started with the salad.

Islander Shrimp Salad: Presented beautifully, shrimps had a mild coconut curry dressing and the iceberg greens were served along it.


Cantina Mushrooms: Mushrooms in tomato and habanero sauce, it was topped with cheese and tortilla chips.


Dragon Chilli Paneer: Deep Fried cottage cheese sauteed with red chilli. I really liked the sauce and it was so yum.


Dalat Tofu: Grilled and soft tofu were immersed in basil and mint. It had a delicious flavor. The aroma was minty and delightful.


Hakata Ramen: With black mushroom, egg and roasted chicken, the ramen noodles which were made differently than the popular ones, were perfectly executed.


Mexi Chilli Lamb: Fresh lamb shredded with chilli, cumin, tomato, cilantro and lime butter, were mixed with nachos. I am not much of a lamb person, but I have to say that lamb was too good.


Tex Mex Golden Fish: They were mainly like fish fingers. The fish was pan fried and crispy with honey mustard dressing.


Garlic Chicken Pesto Pizza: Grilled chicken, basil pesto, fire roasted peppers, onion and tomatoes topped with signature three cheese blend, mozzarella, parmesan and boccanccini cheese.


Naanza: This was kind of veg pizza but with an Indian twist. The crust was made of a naan and paneer pieces were topped over it. The perfect example of the basic Indian version of pizza at its best. Served best with green chilli and lime juice. Definitely a must try.


Oriental Chicken Wings: The sauce in which it was prepared was reaally good. The dish was lip smacking.

La Barbie-Q Burger: It was very juicy and the lettuce, onions & BBQ sauce enhanced the taste so well.


Chicken Biryani was also served which they claimed to be prepared in ITC style. It was good in taste but not the best.


Then came the desserts part. The part for which I eagerly await. We were served

Creme Brulee: It was a caramelized egg custard vanilla served with garnished fruits like kiwi, apple etc. This was good if you like egg-ish taste.



Truly, we were in for a treat. And we felt utterly satiated at the end of the meal. We were hosted by Rajeesh Thenissery, marketing and branding manager of the place. He, himself was so interested in culinary conversations and there was lot to talk about. The serving staff greeted us so happily.

Do visit them. They have what you need, whether you are a food junkie or an adventurous home cook. They have a great selection of fresh food and yes, beer!  And for those who like a large glass of beer and wine by summer, there is no reason to miss this place.

Big Pitcher Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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