One of the things that makes the Bangalore’s food scene great is that we have so much to brag about: the intense concentration of smaller restaurants showcasing the city’s unique native cuisine and a plethora of exciting high-end restaurants. Just come to Bangalore, the food is amazing! And it is. Be it breadth or depth of ethnic restaurants or the classic pub culture, what we do have is high quality.

In many ways, The Boozy Griffin represents the best of Bangalore. I will tell you a little later how Boozy Griffin served me all kinds of delicacies, but first let me tell you about how I got to experience this legendary culture. As they say, Fly High with the Boozy Griffin. The place aims to bring the English culture and the best booze in the town.I went for an invite through FBAB meetup and I must say that I had a frolic time..:)

Coming to the food, an array of dishes were served to us along with cocktails/mocktails. Special mention to the mocktails: Bora Bora, Shanghai Sunrise and English Chocolate.

Then we had rainbow shooters. 7 colored shooters were cutely kept and they will make you tipsy.


Baby Spinach and apple salad: I am not a spinach person, so didn’t like it much. But it looked good. It had fresh baby spinach, slice green apples and onions.


Caesar salad chicken: Grilled chicken with lettuce, croutons and caesar dressing. It was perfectly executed.


Magic shrooms: Jalapeno and cheese stuffed mushroom served with a thousand island sauce. Pretty good.

Peshawari Tarkari: Presented in a special peshawari style, the veggies (baby corn, mushroom, cauliflower & bell pepper) were well cooked.

Stuffed cheese Onion Rings: They were white onion rings stuffed with cheese and crumb fried tossed with cajun spice.

Grilled Veg and Hummus Quesadilla: The thing was as good as it looked. Home made flour tortilla was rightly stuffed with grilled veggies.


Tex Mex Spring Roll: It is the most special and delicious food on this menu.The rolls were spread on a bowl filled with cheese and the salad. Delightful!
Beer batter cheese balls: They were equally amazing. The balls were filled with grated cottage cheese, mozzarella and cheddar fritter. The taste was enhanced with the honey mustard dip.


Boozy chilli wings: If you are a chicken lover, you are gonna love this. Smoked chicken wings tossed with in-house special sauce. Such a delight!
BBQ chicken Roll: Shredded chicken toasted in BBQ sauce and rolled in crispy wanton sheet. Quite filling and a wonderful taste.


Crumb fried tequila fish: Basa fish marinated with tequila and served with tartare sauce, this had such a strong tequila taste. Very boozy.


Chicken Krack jack: The best of the lot, the pieces of chicken were served with garlic mayo. Absolutely tasty.


Britpop Prawns: This was so high in presentation and taste quotient. The bits of prawns were presented in a martini glass dipped in some special creamy sauce.


Smoked BBQ chicken Pizza: The pizza was thin crust and had chunks of chicken with other accompaniments.
Griffin Exotic Pizza: This one was show stopper as it had an unusual combination of caramel onion and cheese in tomato basil sauce. Just Wow!!

Tandoori chicken burger: Served with french fries, the burger was filled of marinated chicken breast, topped with cheese, lettuce, onion & tomatoes.

Beef Hammer Burger: It was very juicy as the beef patty was marinated with continental herbs. Served with mayo, this was delicious.

In mains we had varieties like:

Chicken Steak Brandy: It was kind of baked chicken. Bit spicy it was.

Bacon Wrapped Fillet Mignon Steak and Chicken Espetada in Peri Peri came next. Served with rice and kind of spicy sauces.

After devouring these delicacies, we headed to much awaited desserts section. The desserts included:

Coffee & Rum Cheesecake: The oreo crust spread with butter and it was topped with coffee cheese cake. It was very ordinary.


Chef’s special Chocolate lava cake: The molten chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream. I was expecting chocolate oozing out, still it was way better than the first one.


Sadly, the desserts didn’t stand up to the mark. They could have been better.

On the ambiance front, the place was vibrant and the bar area had blue colored wall which looked exciting. The day we visited, the place had an ongoing bollywood night. The FBAB team grooved to some of popular bollywood numbers. Great music and lovely colors!! Place was huge. The staff members were happy, so were we. We felt utterly satisfied at the end of the meal.

We liked the food because it was a treat. We preferred the food because it was delicious in many ways. We liked them because their prep was laborious & yes, awesome. We loved it because it was damn good. Thanks to Boozy Griffin for having us over.

The Boozy Griffin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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