These days, the market is filled with options that aim to deliver food to your doorstep so that you can eat at your own comfort. And man, it  is not so easy to stand out. A unique knowledge of food and excellent culinary skills are required. The menu should be attractive, an array of cuisines should be there and what not..! One such option that I came across was Eatfresh. Having heard a lot about eatfresh, I was contacted by the Social Media and Content Specialist of and then I had the chance to relish these savouries.

I must say, this one has the capability to stand out in the market. Offering a wide variety like veg and non veg, desserts, mint coolers etc., we can choose the delicacies of our own kind.The menu changes daily and the best part is that you get to see the calories and nutritious value associated to each dish with a descriptive review. The website is good and easy to use.

So I ordered the following dishes:


Subz Handi Curry with Elaichi Pulao (By Chef Riyaz): Pulao which had a mild cardamom taste was accompanied by the mixed kind of vegetable gravy. The rice used was basmati rice and it had aromatic flavour that was delicious.

Mulligatawany Soup (By Chef Sujay): The soups are a kind of entree or light dinner in itself. This soup was a mixture of veggies and lentils. The texture was smooth and it was hot but it lacked in the taste.

Chocolate Mousse (By Chef Alphonse) : Chocolate Mousse was a pure delight. The dark chocolate, cocoa powder, whipped cream did wonders to it. It was so smooth and looked so pretty. Extra points to this one 🙂

Blueberry Cheese Cake (By Chef Alphonse) : I have always been a big fan of cheesecakes. Especially, the blueberry ones. This was a heavenly one and as you take your spoon to take a bite, it will melt in your mouth.

German Black Forest Pastry (By Chef Alphonse):  This Pastry was a treat not only for your taste buds but your eyes as well. This was close to the classic version with frosting cream and topped cherry.

In a nutshell, it was an amazing experience to treat yourself with all such wonderful dishes and spoiling yourself with these amazing desserts. The costs were not so high and the food was delivered in the promised slot at no time. The packaging was done very neatly. Time to indulge in the awesomeness/sweetness of the food..:) Recommended!! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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