KARAMA Restaurant

Well, there is a thing about Arabian food that can make you go crazy and I had this chance to relish the taste of Arab cuisine at Karama Restaurant, Bangalore. It was the FBAB meetup, 43rd for them and 1st for me. A table of around 17-20 people was booked and we were hosted by very friendly people of Karama. Karama restaurant is a branch of Empire hotels. The empire hotels are a big name in Bangalore and because of its yummy dishes, it has already earned many loyal foodies throughout the city. Karama, in particular, is famous for 3 cuisines: Arabian , Karachi and Punjabi. And it’s totally safe to say, the 3 cuisines were at its best..:) The ambiance of the place was Arab style, unique in its own way. The best part of the place was Majlis, a private area for seating. All decorated in the authentic style.

We were warmly welcomed by people of Karama. The ambiance was amazing. Then the feast started with the drinks:

Qawah (Arabian Coffee) : It was basically a black coffee and had a pretty good taste.


Mexican Soda: This one was soda kind of drink. The green chili was put in the drink. The sensation of chili on the tongue was incredible. Topped with lemon and cherry.


Then came the salads and shorbas. The salads were decorated in style.



Chicken Shorba: It had pieces of chicken in it. The gravy was smooth and had a decent taste.

Tamatar Dhaniya Shorba and Dal shorba were considerably yummy.


Then came the Fattoush and Tabbouleh salads. They were good with crispiness of the veggies maintained.

Next, we were presented with starters. There was a variety both for vegetarians and non vegetarians. Being a non vegetarian, didn’t taste the veg appetizer, but they looked delicious. They were like a scrumptious delight with an attractive presentation.

Then the non veg appetizers turned up and they were as good as they looked. The flavours of spices will leave you elated.

Al Faham Dajaj: The chicken was quite hard but still the dish managed to taste good.


BBQ Fish Boneless: The fish was cooked well. It tasted decent.


Tawa Prawns: Crunchy Prawns were pretty good.


Dajaj Cheese BBQ: These were just delightful for the taste buds.


Dajaj Fajita: The mixture was in the style of sizzler.


Main Course: After having so much of yummy starters, we moved to the main course. I must say, first time I liked main course more than the starters.

The veg main course had palak paneer, tawa mushroom and dal makhani. The palak paneer had a thick gravy and was very creamy.

Dal makhani was truly delicious. The aroma of the lentils and creaminess was just up to the perfection.

The non vegetarian main course consisted of array of dishes like:

Tawa Bheja: This one was very creamy and totally delectable.


Also Karachi Dum Gosht, Rara Murgh and Rogan josh. The exhilarating flavors of the dishes were extremely delicious. The juicy meat with the flavors of whole well cooked and fried spices had its own charm.


Varieties of Biryani: Mandi Biryani, Karachi Biryani, Punjabi Chicken Biryani, Veg Pulao and Peas Pulao. The biryanis are the most loved item for a typical foodie.Also, there is a tradition that many people eat Biryani on the same thali, so you have the option to choose that as well. High on taste quotient, their biryanis are to go for.

Types of Breads: Karachi Naan, Alu Kulcha, Lacheedar Paratha and Keema Naan. The naans were soft and well cooked. Special mention to Alu Kulcha.

Drinks: Refreshment for the taste buds. We were served 3 milk shakes: Abudi, Anjeer Milkshake and Lebanese Cocktail. The Lebanese cocktail was the green one and the best of the lot. It had avocado, pista kulfi and taste of Kiwi. Anjeer milkshake was also good but nothing in comparison to the Lebanese mock tail.

Falooda Kulfi: This colorful kulfi looked so perfect, all the colors peeking out of the glassware. A perfect example of perfection 😉


There is no doubt about it that how much we all love desserts… And for desserts our craving never ends. How about some of the best sweet dishes like doodi (bottle gourd) ka halwa, gajar (carrot) ka halwa, gulab jamun, jalebi and malpua with rabdi..? Enough to make your mouth water..right! Well, this attractive array of desserts are more than enough to make you droool. Doodi ka halwa, being best of the lot.



We can say that Karama is a perfect place to satiate your carvings for Arab food. The food being delightful, it offers you the warm and filling atmosphere. The culinary experience that is high on gastronomy and presentation. Recommended 🙂

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